Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Going for a walk and a little reality recapping.

I just asked mini#2 if he wanted to go for a walk (while it's currently 69 degrees).
His response: "Only if I can wear my helmet and knee pads so when the sidewalk hits my knees it won't hurt."

Smart kid. He takes his scooter in case you were wondering if he's just super accident prone while taking a leisurely stroll in all of that protective gear. Later we're off to his preschool aged basketball class and this afternoon we have a playdate at the pool for mini#1 and swim lessons for mini#2.

Did you watch The Bachelorette last night? What happened with ED? He's my fav! Surely it's just nerves. E.D. for erectile dysfunction maybe? I liked Reid, but come on!!! Spill your feelings. He couldn't verbalize anything. Why do I watch this show? I thought she was being respectable passing on the "fantasy suites" last week and then she gets a 2nd chance last night and uses all 3! And, back to Ed, what kind of bathing suit was that? One from his junior high years?

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Pink Martini said...

Hi Pink. Thank you for the lovely note. I'm so glad you got everything. I am paranoid about the PO maybe because they are always asking if I want insurance and a confirmation receipt. That is confidence for you! How did the weekend go? Sounds like you are running full steam ahead with fun activities. How fun! :)