Thursday, July 9, 2009

Talk Thursday

Busy Week for us. Mini#1 started 3rd grade on Tuesday. I'm so proud of him. He looks taller, older, happier. Happier because, Bella, his secret love, is in his class this year. Mini#2 started swim lessons (2 weeks) and attended his first basketball class for pre-schoolers. It's every Tuesday, but he asks me every day "is today Tuesday?" He loves it. The coach said "you have quite the little athlete there." You think? More like miniature obsessed athlete that "reads" his Kids' Sports Illustrated cover to cover when he isn't talking about or trying to play some sports like activity at home. I'm hoping he'll make us rich one day because I don't think he'll be reading 737 page Harry Potter books like his brother. Enough of the minis. Here's your chance to comment/vent/ whatever. If you haven't left a comment, do. In no particular order here are some random items for this week.

1- Is it just me or do you think MJ might have rolled around in his $25K gold casket when his kids were up on stage at his memorial and daughter (GASP)Paris, spoke to the world? He kept them so sheltered (with good reason I believe). I hope they go on to have more normal lives.

2- Where was Lisa Marie Presley this week? I think she just had a baby so missed the MJ memorial.

3- Just finished Eden Close by Anita Shreve. Jillian, Inc. said this was her favorite by Shreve when I reviewed Body Surfing a few weeks ago. This earlier Shreve book was so good! Didn't want it to end. Definitely ranks as one of my favorites by Shreve. And it ended happier than most of her books.

4- Wes is such a dog (I'll use nice language on my blog). Bachelorette. Did you watch Monday? Does he really think women will rush out to buy his music now? About 98% of us watch this show. Not good for his record sales. ED is my favorite by far. Just don't know if that's a good match or not. What do I care? None of these matches have worked in the past. Well, one. Trista and Ryan.

5- The best for last! I got my giveaway package I won over at Pink Martinis and Pearls .
Thank you so much!! Everything was wrapped so cutely in polka dot paper. I'm enjoying the Coffee, Tea or Me book and the Vera Bradley sunglasses case makes finding my sunglasses so much easier in my mommy bag I haul around everyday.
Thanks again!! You're a sweetie! PS- it does drive me a little crazy when I see people traveling on airplanes wearing sweats like they just rolled out of bed. Would it kill you to make a little effort and have some pride in your appearance? Even if it's a long flight. Just my opinion.

Ok, I'm through. Anyone still reading???


Pink Preppy Party Girl said...

You are a lucky girl to win that giveaway. Not sure what to think about the casket on stage. Just seemed a little strange with all the people and such a large facility.

Anonymous said...

Wes is such a dog. I hope no one buys his album.

AEO said...

Are your kids in a year round school?

I'm SO with you on the airplane thing. Seriously, have some class. Sweats are for home ONLY, as are pj bottoms and sweatshirts.

The Mrs. said...

Wes is disgusting. Hate him!!!! I think MJ would have freaked seeing his kids so out there.

Solar Powered said...

hello, first time to your blog, love it. Noticed your current read, how do you like it? I need something really great to read...for some reason my mind keeps wandering with each book I try to start.

Pink in a sea of blue said...

AEO- yes, my son is in year round school. It's our second year. Still wondering if I like it or not. Kindergarten and 1st grade were on the traditional calendar at another school.

Solar Powered- Welcome! The Wednesday Sisters was what I just finished for book club, but was slow to me. I'd suggest Eden Close by Anita Shreve that I also just finished and really liked. Held my attention for sure!