Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday Fluff

Happy Friday. Here's some filler fluff.

Last night was fun and lasted until 12:30, but we had a calm night. Not wild and crazy like some of the book club nights. We did have a discussion of the first adult beverages we ever had. Mine was California Coolers out of a 2-liter bottle. Remember that? What was yours? Boone's Farm??

Made a delicious caprese salad for lunch with some tomatoes I bought this morning at our city's tiny farmer's market. So yummy!! Gotta use sea salt.

I changed my profile pic after blogging for over a year and a half. You like? The gerbera daisy was boring me.

Went to the pool with mini#2 for a quick hour today before mini#1 got home because he was a good boy running errands with me this morning. I got in the water and enjoyed playing with my "baby" boy.

All of us are going to dinner at my friend's house tonight. She's a very good cook so I'm looking forward to it. My boys love playing with her two year old son, too. He's precious.

Tomorrow off to the lake with our neighbors. 3 boats and 7 kids. We'll swim, tube and eat lunch on the lake. I'm just not a lake person (unless it's in the middle of Paris or New York City!), but going with friends is fun.

Have a nice weekend. Stay out of trouble!


Kristen said...

I'm jealous, the lake sounds awesome! Have fun!

Belle said...

Oh, sounds fun!! Raining here. blah.AND there's a water main leak so no water. double blah.
The first thing I noticed was the hat and no daisy. Love it.

Have a great weekend!

Jillian, Inc said...

My first adult beverage (besides a sip of my mom's Tom Collins!) was a Bartles & James wine cooler, when they only had just the plain white wine flavor. I stole a 4 pack out of the extra refrigerator we kept in the basement for beverages. I was only going to take 1 bottle but then I figured that would be more noticeable. I can't remember where I went with the wine coolers but I am sure it was pretty uneventful. And my mom totally busted me. Of course. I remember her saying she might not notice missing crackers or milk but her alcohol was committed to memory.