Monday, December 1, 2008

What Christmas Movie Are You?

Trying to decorate the house today. Not a lot of time to blog. Try this. I love "A Christmas Carol". The George C. Scott version is my favorite, but I bought the kids the muppet version last year.

Your Christmas is Most Like: The Muppet Christmas Carol

You tend to reflect on Christmas past, present, and future...

And you also do a little singing.


Mags said...

This is great! Thanks for this link. My Christmas movie was "A Christmas Story." I spit out some diet coke when that came fitting!!! Happy Holidays!

The Mrs. said...

This is funny! I was a Christmas Story!

Mona said...

I was Miracle on 34th Street!

Belle in Bloom said...

I'll have to try this. fun!

We LOVE the muppet Christmas Carol. Soooo funny. We reenact the mice doing the "heatwave" scene all the time. Love that movie! Hope your decorating is coming along!!