Friday, November 28, 2008

Yes, I'm crazy.

It's 9:20 a.m. and I've been back from Target since 8:00 a.m. And let me say, I was a little surprised not to bump into any of my friends! However, the parking lot was FULL at 7:00 a.m. CRAZINESS! I got the last scooter/skateboard thingy for mini#1 though and that's why I went. I love and hate this day. I'm not too patient, but I love a bargain. And, surprisingly, I was one of the few wearing makeup this early, but that's not strange. I don't go ANYWHERE without my makeup. Some women appeared to be wearing their pj clothes! You go girls!

As I type I'm waiting for my brother and mother to get their slow arses in gear so we can head out again.* I have to chauffeur them around so mom can shop for brother. Like I really need to go to REI in search of snowboard boots! Oh well, at least I'll be relaxed because I've already accomplished my main goal for the day. Happy shopping! Do YOU participate in this Black Friday madness?

*Ok, so my mom got a new hip 5 1/2 weeks ago. She's excused for being a wee bit slow this morning. And, yes, we will be using her handicapped parking pass today while we shop!


Feener said...

i don't participate, don't have it in me. we are heading to sears today to get a fridge BUT we are going later, not at 4am.

my question is what did you pay for the stuff and what was your savings for going early ? or is it that the stock would be gone ??

Pink in a sea of blue said...

Feener: Mainly the stock of sale items goes quickly. I got the last scooter! I DO NOT want to deal with rain checks, etc. I also got $40 pair of pre-lit 4 ft entryway trees at Michaels for $15! On sale early with a coupon.

Mom x 2 said...

I have never gotten up early to shop on Friday after Thanksgiving. I think it sounds awful. But then I hate, hate, hate crowds and think the internet was pretty much invented for the sole purpose of online shopping. Let's just say the UPS guy and I are friends.

Can you believe a Walmart employee was trampled to death just trying to open the doors? I think I partially blame the idiots rushing the stores at 4am and partially I blame stores like Walmart for creating the frenzy.

I'm almost done shopping for the boys anyway - I started a few months ago and bought things from sites with free shipping codes, discounts. The only present left for mini #1 is a lego set from the Lego store and they don't discount so it doesn't really matter when I go buy it.

I'm glad you got what you went for!

Kris said...

Love it! I don't go ANYWHERE without makeup either. I just could not do it. I was at Target at 6:00 along with 300 others, got everything but 1 thing I wanted and saved $75! They refused to do rainchecks as well - grrr.

Glad you had fun and got what you needed! It's crazy to go like that but sort of a rush!