Monday, October 6, 2008

Manic Monday

The weekend was a whirlwind of activity.

Saturday, Mr. Pink and mini#2 went to the NC State game. Mini#2 was so excited that he got to see Mr and Ms Wuf (our mascots) in the parking lot and he even threw his football with Mr. Wuf. He could not stop talking about it! Then Mr. Pink told me how the "three prettiest girls" (did he have to add that comment?) from the tailgate party next to them played football with mini#2 as well! He said it was funny to see the jealous guys from the girls' tailgate looking at #2 wondering what the "prettiest girls" saw in mini#2! Anyway, one of them offered to babysit anytime so you can never have too many babysitter choices.

After the game mini#1 and I picked up Mr. Pink and #2 and headed two hours east to make it to Mr. Pink's grandmother's birthday dinner. We had a table for 20 in Calabash, NC! It was crazy, but a lot of fun, too. Yummy seafood! Then back to my MIL's house. Other than looking thinner, she seems to be handling this slower paced round of chemo very well. She was glad to see the kids and vice versa. Sunday Mr. Pink did some things on her "to do" list and then we headed back to our house. We got home at 7:45, 15 minutes before mini bedtime! Fast trip, but minis had school bright and early this morning.

Then we get to manic Monday. I'm putting on mini#2's shoes for preschool this morning when I receive a call from mini#1 at school. In his pitiful voice he told me his head and stomach hurt. He'd been there for one hour! So what did I do? I grabbed mini#2, a bottle of Motrin and headed to mini #1's school to medicate the pitiful child. I was praying this would do the trick. I'm not entirely unsympathetic. I always tell him to "call me after lunch" if you don't feel any better and this morning was no exception. Usually this wards off the future call and keeps him from being counted as absent since he completes over half a day at school. Am I the only one to do this?

After this stop I went to two gas stations and both were out of the super unleaded gas. I was getting nervous as I pulled into preschool with mere fumes in the tank. After drop-off I ventured a little further out and, luckily, found some gas before I ran out! Then I stopped by Wal-Mart and saw half of the preschool moms there as well. Something about shopping without kids makes us all giddy from excitement! It's so nice to talk without whiny kids interrupting! Wal-Mart and toddlers just aren't a good mix.

After preschool pick-up, mini#2 and I go home, I make lunch and then I happen to check voice mail (always forget to do this). Mini #1 had called about 50 mins earlier to say he still felt bad. Good grief! I grab mini#2 again, no shoes this time, and head for the school. He only missed an hour and fifteen minutes today, but you just wouldn't believe how his illness has magically dissipated since we've been home! I'm sure it will resurface tomorrow morning.

I have promised myself that I will never be the mother that lived next to my family growing up. She let her daughter stay home from school if the poor girl had a hangnail! It was all over when her daughter started menstruation. Gee. Never thought I'd write "menstruation" on my blog. Anyway, the cramps are probably why she ended up with a G.E.D.! Ironic thing is she is a nurse now!

Ok, back to laundry before dinner. "Skud" Scouts, as mini#2 calls it, is tonight.

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