Wednesday, October 8, 2008

First Field Trip

This morning I accompanied mini#2 on his first field trip. We met his classmates at the NC Museum of Life Sciences. All the minis had on matching preschool t-shirts. I'd post pics, but they have the name of the preschool and mini#2 had on a name tag. They lined up quietly outside and put "bubbles in their mouth" (looked like holding breath) to keep from chatting. I may mention this to mini#1's teacher at our conference tomorrow. Kidding. Once in the Discovery Room, the guide, Anthony, gave the best presentation. He really had a way with kids and they were mesmerized. They even got to touch a few animals.

My child got the most laughs of the day, too. When Anthony pulled out a large snake skin from a box, he asked the preschoolers "Where did this skin come from boys and girls?" Mini#2 quickly answered, "From your box!" Anthony told their teacher "This is a super smart bunch of kids this year!"

We had such a great time together looking at snakes, butterflies and even hissing cockroaches (gag!). My little one is growing up quickly. I'm proud of him. He's not the least bit shy and made sure to say hello to every child he knew. He even told another museum guide "How are you today?" as we passed by. The guide got a chuckle out of that.

Afterwards we went to get his Halloween costume. No more cute animals or miniature professional outfits. We've moved on to Power Rangers. He'll be the pint-sized blue one! Now if only mini#1 can decide what he wants to be. He's changed his mind about ten times already.
I plan to take him on Saturday to pick out his costume. He loves Halloween! It makes me get even more excited to see him excited. Ok, got to go. The bus arrives in a few minutes. Enjoy the rest of your day!

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Belle in Bloom said...

The field trip sounds like a lot of fun. What a sweetie he is. Funny too!
My boys have been action heros from the get-go. Their first year of life was the only time I got to pick what they'd be. We've been through four red power ranger costumes. I think we're moving on to Venom and Master Chief (Halo). good grief...