Sunday, October 12, 2008

Is there a shortage of material?

Today mini#1 and I headed out in search of his Halloween costume. I also had to search for a costume for a neighborhood party. I patiently entertained every whim mini#1 had. At first he thought he wanted to be the Joker, even though he has not seen the Dark Knight movie (or will he anytime soon). He just liked the costume. Next he said he wanted to be a bully. What? No, he's not going to be a bully. I would never condone that. He simply liked the studded-collar necklace in the "Gothic" section and thought all bullies wear leather coats and studded necklaces. He then toyed with the idea of being a king because the kid is fascinated with fairy tales and fables. Since the crown he wanted didn't have a matching robe, he moved onto a gangster. This stuck.
He liked the hat the best. It's very cute with his dark hair. We may draw in a mustache. He did have to ask me in car on the way home what a gangster was. I sugar-coated it.
After we found his costume we headed over to look at the selection for women. I was mortified. I almost felt like I was in an adult novelty store with my son! And no, I've never been in one of those stores if you were wondering! The costumes were mostly R and X rated in my opinion. Now 15 years ago I may have been all over the SEXY German barmaid or the Sassie Lassie (Scottish tartan-clad hookerish look), but probably not. I did dress up one year with three friends as Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders and that was so much fun. However, I have a simple neighborhood party to go to full of married couples this year. As I stood there pondering my choices mini#1 tried to assist by saying "Look mom. You can be Alice in Wonderland!" Umm. Alice must be experiencing the effects of global warming or early menopause because that costume was way too short showing all kinds of skin. And come to think of it- ALL of the costumes were lacking yards of material. Is there a shortage of cloth/polyester in China these days? I looked in disbelief from Little Miss Riding Hooker, um Hood to Daring Dorothy of Oz to Snow not-so-White and all were teensy weensy! I will give it to Party City. They had a huge selection! I finally decided on a PG rated Go-Go girl costume because I already have a short black wig my friend and I bought on a whim in Atlanta years ago. The black/white dress is short but not minuscule and it has a cute hat. I'll just wear black boots. If I chicken out with this costume I'll just be a witch. I have a hat and orange and black tights. The minis already think I'm mean enough to pull it off. You know that's not true!
So what are you doing for Halloween and who are you dressing up as?


The Mrs. said...

I may bail out of dressing up this year although hubby keeps asking me!!!!! I may have to do something....I hear you on the slutty Halloween costumes ENOUGH!

Anonymous said...

We are having a neighborhood party also, but thank goodness the adults don't have to dress up. I just don't get into the costumes they have out there for women. Too revealing.

My little man is going to be a bat :)

Belle in Bloom said...

I host a Halloween dinner every year but we don't dress up. Now on Halloween, my sisters and I dress like witches (not scary, more librarian-like) to pass out candy. Trick or treat is BIG on my street. Everyone goes way out. The local mortician lives about 4 doors down and has caskets in his yard with a microphone hooked up calling all the kids names. Too funny.
Yes, the trashy women's costumes. I hear ya. I heard a comedian say that Halloween was his favorite holiday because women got to dress like hookers and nobody cared. Well, I care! ha.

ilovepink said...

I keep threatening to dress in orange and be an automatic pumpkin since I am getting so round!