Monday, June 23, 2008

Summer sales...

I'm back. Hope you had a great weekend! We had a great time with the parents. Although, Pink's parents did have momentary mind lapses of what it's like to have two small [somewhat] loud kids in their house. Luckily, their neighbors graciously allowed the minis to use their play set when the loudness was getting a bit out of hand! I also packed their scooters to ride. Other than that we went to Discovery Place, a children's museum in downtown Charlotte on Friday and to Dilworth Park on Saturday for play and a picnic. The kids loved it. I wasn't super impressed with the museum. I hadn't been in years and seem to remember it having a little more pizazz. The pizazz has puttered out. Needs a renovation. Today.

Saturday afternoon my mom and I headed out to Southpark Mall by ourselves. If you are into Lacoste these days, check out their sale! I bought two shirts for me for a steal ($32.99 and $35.99), but come on they're simple short sleeve t-shirts. That's not that much of a steal is it? If you're looking for men's polos, they're on sale now for $55 (regular $80). Stock up or buy for Christmas. My mom and I were saying too bad we didn't save all of my brother's and my childhood Lacoste shirts when they were then IZOD.

Next, and I've seen several blogs post about this sale, we found some good deals at J. Crew.
I bought the minis some shorts and belts for next year. I don't feel bad at all about buying J. Crew clothes on sale. They're classic and won't go out of style. Of course, mini#1, who loves his GAP madras shorts, told me he didn't really like the madras belt I purchased. ?! He'll learn to like it. I promise. Here are the seersucker shorts I got:

So after these two stores and a couple others we needed to cut our shopping trip short. We were worried that Pop (my dad) might be a little frazzled with his two mini grandsons. We weren't too far off base. Ok, got to go. Big storm about to come through, but, more importantly, The Bachelorette will be coming on soon! Go Graham or Jeremy. Can't decide who I like best!


Belle in Bloom said...

I love the seersucker shorts. So cute. My oldest is loving the madras and lacoste look, however, my youngest wants nothing to do with it. He wants elastic waist sports shorts and a mohawk. Where did this kid come from????

Amber said...

My hands are sweating just at the idea of spending that much on a shirt. I have a hard time picking up a shirt that costs more than $12.00. I must be too cheap.

Pink in a sea of blue said...

Belle- I passed on a cute madras pair of pants for #2. I don't think he's going to be into all of this preppiness either! He'll be more comfortable in a football jersey!

Amber- It actually hurt me to pay that much, too. It was a splurge even when on sale! I find $12.99 and $16.99 Polos for the kids at Marshall's/TJ Maxx usually. That I can handle!

Kris said...

Ugh - my 5 year old Graham is starting to tell me what he likes and doesn't like. Grrr..I just want him to let me dress him so cute like he used too!