Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What are you thinking?

Have you heard the story of the woman in Tampa, FL? Last Thursday she shot and killed her 13 yr old son on the way to soccer practice and then went home and killed her 16 yr old daughter while she sat at her computer doing homework. Her excuse: "they were mouthy."

As a mother you get frustrated. You go a little crazy some days. You blog to stay sane. You sometimes imagine being somewhere else- temporarily, but how does anyone ever get to the point that they go buy a gun and plan to kill their children (notes discovered in the house)? I know there are reports of alcohol and drug abuse and the dad is, apparently, stationed overseas so not around, but still. I cannot comprehend ever harming or killing one of my children...I carried them for nine months. I got up in the middle of the night over and over. My breasts will never be the same again! But, I smile so many times a day because of them. They are so innocent and I love seeing things through their eyes as they learn something new each day. My biggest fear is something happening to one of them. It's just gut wrenching to hear these stories. And I know addictions are the greatest evils (I watch Intervention religiously!), but, as a mother, I do not understand this woman's decision.

What are you thinking about all of this?

And, to end on a lighter note, mini#2 asked me yesterday, "Mom, was I born(alive) in 1801?" Cracked me up.......

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Kristen said...

it sickens me.... my biggest fear in life is something happening to one of my kids, I can't even imagine being able to function without them. Even with an addiction I don't understand what would possess this woman to kill her kids... it's sickening