Monday, February 14, 2011

A date and a celebrity sighting

Happy Valentine's Day! Mr. Pink and I got a sitter and went out to dinner in Raleigh on Saturday night. It's nice to dress up and have a conversation without being interrupted by children. I had excellent grilled sea bass and Mr. Pink had seafood and grits. He shared a sea scallop with me and it melted in my mouth! For dessert I had chocolate bread pudding with butter pecan ice cream and caramel sauce. So decadent!

The flowers on our table.

The menu.

The celebrity sighting. Anyone watch The Biggest Loser when Raleigh residents Ed and Heba were on it? I happened to be looking out the window of the restaurant when I saw Ed with another guy. Then I saw Heba and another woman ahead of them walking into the sushi restaurant next to our restaurant. A double date. And, sadly, Ed looked like he'd put some weight back on. I liked him on the show. I like this show period. Inspiring.
What did or are you doing for Valentine's Day?


Lisa said...

oh wow!! nice dinner and celebs??? Cool! Heba loos good.

My sis lives in Durham

Kristen said...

we had dinner plans for tonight but around 12:30 this afternoon my husband's boss called and asked him to go back to work, starting tonight of course! So I spent the evening with my two little men and now I'm catching up on DVR! :) Glad you guys had a nice night!