Monday, February 7, 2011


Random Monday.

1- This morning's cardio muscle class just about killed me. Instructor said she ate so much junk for Super Bowl so she was sorry she was punishing us in return.

2- Am I one of the few people that actually liked the BEP's halftime show during Super Bowl? I mean limited set up time, limited performance time and then limited tear down time. They do the best they can, but I admit the sound was kind of rough...especially when Usher performed. Nonetheless the minis and I danced like crazy while Mr. Pink sat and shook his head at us.

3- Cannot wait for The Bachelor tonight. That Michelle chick is crazy... Love Emily and Shantal the best.

4- Got a cool Valentine's gift for mini#2 today. It's a practice skateboard and cd you use inside. No wheels. Helps him learn some moves without wheels first. He got a skateboard from Santa, but pads and all, it still scares me a little bit.

5-Watched family videos on Saturday with the kids. From time of birth through their first year for both. We had not watched these in a long time. We all loved it. Reminded us of our house and time in Atlanta and let me, temporarily, have my babies again. I shed a few tears. Time goes so quickly. So glad we captured precious infant memories on video. Such a treasure.


trifitmom said...

so funny - i too wound up watching some vids from when the kids were younger, it was amazing how quick they grow

Kristen said...

I loved the 1/2 time show, it was fantastic! Great music and we were all dancing/singing along with it at my house!

Lisa said...

I liked the peas too!! They were better in concert but it is a tough gig, that superbowl