Thursday, February 10, 2011

I can relax.

Sometimes it's tough being a mom. Especially when a 5 year old cuts you no slack. This little item pictured has been a topic of conversation for 2 weeks. Apparently EVERYONE in kindergarten, except mini#2, has this. It's hand sanitizer. Not just any hand sanitizer either. Trust me as I learned the hard way.
For two weeks I have been on a quest to secure this prized possession. It started out casually after the mini gave me a brief description of what he wanted (or needed desperately is more like it). Therein lies the problem. HIS DESCRIPTION. He had described a 5-6 inch bottle with "beads" inside and with a case.
I searched at Target and Wal-mart while running errands. No luck and I was being pestered by the mini NIGHTLY. He was quickly losing patience with his mom. One afternoon he came home, disappointed in me yet again, and huffily provided another hint: "No, it's at Walgreen's." So I looked there and no luck...though I thought I was closer to finding it there because one brand was sold out so I assumed that MUST BE IT! I had hope, as false as it was.
So this week I moved on to looking at 2 more Walgreen's and threw in a stop at CVS and RITE-AID solely with the intent of finding this kindergarten gold. I was ready to accept defeat and almost in tears as I typed an email to the teacher yesterday begging her to tell me what the heck this stuff was and where could I find it as I've been all over town and mini#2 was not letting me sleep at night. FINALLY, I had an adult answer: "Mrs. Pink, that's so funny. You get it at Bath and Body. The cases are 50 cents." I was prepared with an answer for mini#2 that I thought he would accept when he got home yesterday. He wanted to go to the mall that minute, but I bought myself some time by promising to get it today. He wanted me to squeeze a mall visit in between muscle class that ended at 10:30 and 11:15 when I had to be showered and in his classroom to read 3 books to the lovelies as I was guest reader (THAT I can handle no problem). I told him it was impossible, but he would have it in his hands when I arrived to pick him up at carpool. He looked at me apprehensively, but agreed to my terms. Today at 11:15 I read those 3 books as he lovingly smiled up at his mother from his front row carpet seat. Only he and I knew what was really behind that smile, "Lady, the hand sanitizer better be in my possession by 2:45 or ELSE!"
I drove to the mall taking deep breaths and almost ran to Bath and Body. There, at the checkout and on an entire display table, was all the glorious hand sanitizer and cases I could ever want to buy for my precious yet demanding kindergartner. I think I had tears of joy on my face as I paid for this item that had been alluding me for 2 weeks. And, for the record, the bottles are 2-2 1/2 inches high- NOT 5-6 inches as mini advised using his hands to demonstrate!
I was extra excited (because aren't we always excited about carpool?) at carpool time. I placed the golden prize on his car seat and he opened the door, first looking at me, and then his seat where he broke out into a huge smile. "YOU GOT IT!" Of course I did I thought to myself. Why had I ever doubted my mommy abilities? Tonight I shall sleep like a baby.....putting this all behind me.


Lisa said...

glad it was the right color!!

Pink in a sea of blue said...

Oh, I got 5/$5....I made sure to come home with a variety!

Kristen said...

oh my gosh that is too funny! Glad you were finally able to find it!