Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tuesday Thoughts

...this very minute mini#1 ( 9 1/2) is dancing in the back yard with friends. We videotaped them through the blinds on Sunday. So cute! They put the cd player on the back deck and then dance in the yard or in the playset like they're on a stage. Justin Bieber, watch out.

...I really want to figure out why mini#2 has to strip from waist down (and sometimes naked) in order to do #2 on the potty. As hard as I try to get him to keep his pants/shoes/socks on, HE WON'T! I often hope that he doesn't ever have to go #2 at school.

...The Bachelor last night. FINALLY, Michelle is gone and not too graciously I might add. She's crazy. That SI photo shoot on the beach was steamy wasn't it??? Next week they go to my hometown, Charlotte, for Emily's hometown date.

...Going to be 75 degrees on Friday. Yea!

...getting my hair done tomorrow. CANNOT WAIT.

Enough. Boring myself.


mommaofonediva said...

that michelle was crazy! i wonder who he ends up with. i agree the photo shoot was so steamy!!!!!

The Mrs. said...

I love when you can catch kids just being themselves. I try to get that stuff on video too! I CANNOT get into the Bachelor cause I hate that guy. I'll find out what happens from you!

Jillian, Inc said...

I have a potty stripper here, too. Totally cannot figure it out, but it falls on my list of "battles I choose not to fight" and go with the {naked} flow....haha.