Sunday, January 30, 2011

NHL All-star game

Mr. Pink is taking mini#2 to the NHL All-Star game later today. He scored 2 tickets at work. Raleigh has been all abuzz about this event with activities for fans going on all weekend. This 18 yr old kid, Jeff Skinner, who happens to be a Carolina Hurricanes player, is being called the Justin Bieber of Raleigh. Anyway, mini#2 is excited. Mini#1 and are are going to go see the movie Tron after we drop mini#2 across town to meet up with Mr. Pink.

It's been a beautiful weekend here. Upper 50's and 60 today I believe. A glimpse of spring. Ahhh. Mr. Pink went to play golf in Pinehurst, NC with about 15 neighbor friends all weekend. What a perfect weekend to be outside. The minis and I drove around town yesterday and ate at one of our favorite places- a diner downtown. Pancakes for lunch for them and a turkey burger and sweet potato fries for me. Yum! Then we had movie night last night (Nanny McPhee Returns).

Today we went to church and I've been doing some spring cleaning. I cannot believe how much I had stuffed in my half of the drawers in our bedroom. After purging the unworn items taking up precious space, I feel so much better!! Today I'm tackling the closet!

Enjoy the rest of thw weekend!

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Lisa said...

We had tickets to the game and several other events but had to go out of town for a soccer tournament. :(
Oh well, at least it was beautiful and we spent a lot of time outside.