Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Mini#1 finishes 3rd grade today and are you ready for this???? He had PERFECT ATTENDANCE this year! It must have been all those flu, swine flu vaccinations he had! Seriously, how did that happen? It was a great year for him. I'm very proud of his accomplishments this year, 'cause everyone warns you that 3rd grade is a tough one. Anyway, we have four and a half weeks of fun before he begins 4th grade and mini#2 is off to kindergarten. In these weeks I have scheduled a week of VBS, a week of half-day camp at Raleigh's Marbles Museum and a mini beach weekend. We will also be swimming at the pool, taking the boat to the lake and there's a cub scout campout on the Durham Bull's field(Bull Durham movie fame)for the boys to do one Friday night. A lot to do in 4 and a half weeks. Then the minis are out again for 3 weeks in September. So what are you doing this summer??

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Jillian, Inc said...

Hooray for the minis! Hope your short summer break is awesome. Not sure what my summer holds, but I am certain I will have some fun along the way.