Friday, June 4, 2010

Fantasy Friday

Happy Five on Friday. I have a few fantasy wants. In no particular order, I want the following:

1- Kelly Cutrone's JOB -fashion publicist and founder of the public relations and marketing firm People's Revolution. Offices in NY, LA and London. Love her on The City and Kell on Earth.

2- Countess Luann's (RealH-NY)HOUSE in the Hamptons. 2 acres/6500 square feet. Ahh.

3- Christina Aguilera's CLOSET- shoes included, baby not!

4- Sienna Miller's LEGS.(shown here with real life "Devil Wears Prada" Anna Wintour)

5- Victoria Beckham's show me how to get abs like that. Wink. wink.

I need to cool off with some southern sweet iced tea after that last one...

So whose job, house, closet, legs, and husband (or boyfriend) do you want on Fantasy Friday? If all 5 are a challenge just share a few... Happy Friday!

PS: Today is National Doughnut Day!! Some Krispy Kreme and Dunkin Donuts locations are giving away free doughnuts to customers. We did this a couple of years ago and may need to make a special trip today. Yum! Krispy Kreme- born right here in North Carolina!!


Kristen said...

wow those were fabulous legs! And abs!

Lisa said...

I do not think I could come up with a better list.

I will take one of each.... except for the legs, in that case I will take two!