Sunday, May 2, 2010

Weekend update.

Wow. This weekend is proving to be too much togetherness for me and the minis. Mr. Pink is on his golf trip and the minis (one stuffy and wheezing) and I are just about tired of one another. Not quite, but close. My friend came in town (lives an hour and a half away) Friday so we all went to eat Mexican food. Then home, minis to bed and we sat and chatted mommy-style while partaking of some refreshing liquids. Before we knew it, it was 1:00 a.m. and I had to be up at 6:45 to get mini#1 off to his snow make up day and then mini#2 off to baseball.

Somehow it all happened, though I failed to read an email that came in at 7:30 Friday night telling me baseball pictures were cancelled at 8:00 am Saturday, but the game was still at 9:00. So running around confused a bit we finally got to the field at 9:00 where I began my job as personal assistant to pint-sized mini#2. You know, look for his glove, where's his bat (found on the other team's fence), which hat is his, etc. etc. We even have a bag for all of this equipment. I finally sat still and let him figure it out and spoke to him later about having to keep up with his own things. No other mom's were doing this!

Back home after a lunch mini#2 didn't eat, they played outside and then we watched the Kentucky Derby. We took our annual photos of them riding this toy horse we have and mini#2 set us up for dinner at our pub table in our bonus room with horse place settings complete with bendable plastic men (where did those come from)posing as jockeys. Clever. Our results? Mini#2 picked the #2 finisher (IceBox), I picked #3 finisher (Paddy O'Prado) and mini#1 picked the #6 finisher- the highly favored Lookin at Lucky. Not bad! Then we watched Avatar. Language, not so good. Movie, really awesome. Then off to bed after one final breathing treatment for mini#2.

No church today. Mini#2 is still wheezing some. But that's not stopping him. They're building a fort under the dining room table. Think we'll go for a bike ride soon. Maybe the park. We need to get out on this pretty day.

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Jillian, Inc said...

Thank goodness baseball was rained out here Saturday {for the second week in a row}...just sayin'.