Friday, May 7, 2010

Five on Friday- Celebrity Sightings

Do you have any? Let's see if I have 5...

1- I was on a bus when I saw Today Show's Al Roker strolling his baby stroller in NYC a few years ago.

2- Spike Lee walked past me near NYU a few years ago in NYC.

3- Dusty Rhodes(?) 80's wrestler. While I was in high school I wrapped his Christmas presents while working in a department store's gift wrap dept.

4- Tammy Faye Bakker- regular sightings around Charlotte, NC in 80's at TJ Maxx and Southpark Mall.

5- Snoop Dogg- I was pulling into an ATL Best Buy parking lot, 8 months pregnant, in '05 when he drove past me in a white Cadillac Escalade. He caught my eye and saw my mouth open in recognition as I passed him.

So they aren't the A list of stars, but I got 5. Tell me who you've seen.


Preppy Little Dress said...


I have seen a are some:

I saw Julia Roberts while she was filming My Best Friend's wedding a the church on Michigan Ave.

Billy Baldwin at the Hard Rock promoting MTV's Rock the Vote back in the 90's.

Kyle Chandler when he was filming outside my office in Chicago. He was in "Early Edition" at that time.

Joan Cusack was at my cousin's wedding in Pasadena....long before I knew how famous she was...duh!!

Oh, and for #5 I met the B-52's at a resort in Lake Placid, NY. The night before I saw them play with the Violent Femmes! Again back in the '90s!

There are more, but these stand out in my head at the moment.

Freck said...

Wow girl!! That's so cool!

I've seen...
-Rachel Dratch walking down Belmont Ave in Chicago
-McLovin at a Cubbies game
-Mister T at a Cubbies game
-R. Kelly driving downtown, when all of his Closet songs were out.

None are that exciting...

Pink Martini said...

As a child with my parents in Beverly Hills: Donald O'Connor, Dom Deluise. As a teenager driving the 10 freeway - Tim Conway. In college at my campus (USC)- Chevy Chase and also attended a frat party at Steve Allan and Jayne Meadows' house. At Disneyland sitting right in back of Coolio and his cornrows on the tram going into the park.

Happy Mother's Day! :) xoxo

Seersucker Scrapper said...

Great list. When I worked for Disney I met Jon Bon Jovi and Morgan Fairchild. I grew up in the town that Bruce Springsteen lives and have bumped into him a few times. I have also seen Geraldo and Debbie Mazur from afar.

Kristen said...

I'm jealous that all of you people have seen/met famous people! And Preppy Little Dress, JULIA ROBERTS!!! oh what I'd give to meet her! I have never seen a single famous person... guess that's what I get for living in KS! lol

Anonymous said...

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Pink in a sea of blue said...

Wow! I love all of the sightings you've all seen. Thanks for sharing! Preppy Little Dress: Julia Roberts is from Smyrna, Ga where I lived for 10 years so we drove past the house she bought her mom all of the time (actually was a cut through we used frequently)hoping to see her but didn't. Seersucker: My friend would be so jealous of you meeting Jon Bon Jovi although she had front row seats last summer in ATL/