Monday, May 24, 2010


Random things.

1- Brittney Murphy's husband died today at age 39? How bizarre! Five months after she died.

2- Bret Michaels- are you a cat with 9 lives??? Wow! So glad he won Celebrity Apprentice. I've been watching all along and he was my favorite (ok and Curtis Stone-could those 2 be any different?) I hope he rests now and takes care of himself for a while!

3- Do I watch "The Bachelorette" tonight or not? Allie wasn't my favorite last year.

4- Does anyone want to come iron for me? Been putting it off all day!

5- Why do I always get on the elliptical machine at the gym next to Chatty Kathy? No, the woman was nice and all, and I'm chatty, too, but not when I'm on those machines.

6- Are you travelling this weekend or staying home? We're, pool opening party, and a neighbor's 3rd annual cookout on Sunday. I'm content to stay home on the holiday weekend.

7- My baby starts kindergarten in 6 1/2 weeks! Year round school is robbing me of a couple extra months with him home. That makes me sad.

8- Mini#2 had another classic line this weekend. We finally saw MIL's (passed away last year) headstone we ordered at her grave site yesterday (went to visit her mother, Mr. Pink's grandmother first). On the back of the headstone we had engraved: mother to Mr. Pink and Mr. Pink's deceased brother and grandmother to mini#1 and mini#2. Mini#2 saw his name and exclaimed: "They saved the best for last" meaning him! The kid is cracking us up these days. Friday I made banana bread and later in the afternoon he walked inside after playing and said "Mom, hit me up with some of that banana bread." HE'S 5!!!! Oh my...he keeps me sane.

Ok, off to iron.....seriously, does anyone iron as much as I do?


AEOT said...

Wish I were closer. You could hire me to iron- it is my FAVORITE chore. Or you could come over and dust for me and we would just switch chores weekly :)

Lisa said...

no talking to strangers at the gym!! Yeesh!

Lisa said...

I would not be able to work out next to Chatty Kathy. I always take my headphones and watch TV when on the elliptical. I also hate being beside the ladies that work out like the Tasmanian Devil. I cannot stand to see their sweat dripping and puddling around them. Thank goodness the lights are off during spin class. There's a lot of dripping going on in there.