Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Good day

It's been a good day. You hope for good days sometimes don't you?

Mini#2 "graduated" from preschool this morning. Wow! Time goes by so quickly. He smiled, sang, hugged his teacher, and yelled goodbye to his friends in the parking lot like a big boy. We were given a notebook chronicling our child's year in photos. It's amazing the changes you see in 9 months. It makes me emotional this time around. Because I know he's my last child to experience these milestones of life. He's ready for kindergarten and I still love him even if he did declare his hatred for the dress I wore today. Little brat!

Mini#1 came home with passing EOG (End of grade tests) scores! Wow! Those are a big deal. They practice on these tests all year. So glad that's behind us for a year. Today was his field (play) day and make your own sundae party. After 3 days of cooler, rainy weather, the sun was shining and it was much warmer for his fun day at school.

Hope your days are going well, too...AND The Real Housewives of NY come on tonight. Something else good to look forward to isn't it?


Kristen said...

congrats to the kids! Mine has another week left of school. Our weather has been awful, 13 out of 19 days it's rained and I"m not talking sprinkles it's down right flooding! :(

The Mrs. said...

Cannot waaaaaaaaaaait for housewives! Thank you for your prayers. I need em! xoxo

Jillian, Inc said...

I second loving a *good day*! haha on the dress comment. My little guy had a year-end party at school and said "I love my mom 'cause she is pretty and smells good and she DOES NOT make me gag very much at all anymore but I used ta gag all da time when she would help me put on my jeans."