Friday, May 28, 2010

Star Sighting

Ok, so it's a slow week on the blog. Been entertaining mini#2 and enjoying some time alone with him before mini#1 is out of school on the 8th. Well, he did have to accompany me to the mall Wednesday because I HAD to find chocolate brown Converse all-star low-tops (is that what they're called?) for mini#1. But, I will say I am 94.5% sure that I saw Cheri Young, wife of John Edwards' aide, Andrew Young (pretended to be baby daddy to Edwards' love child with Rielle Hunter when news was breaking)while we were in Banana Republic. I've seen the Oprah, Good Morning America, etc etc interviews so I really think it was her. Minus TV hair and makeup, but still nice looking. All of the characters in this real life drama live within an hour of here in Chapel Hill, NC. Aren't you glad you stopped by and read this post?

And I just read that Gary Coleman died. That is sad. I can't believe he was 42. I always think of him as that spunky child star. 42 is just too young to die.

On that note, it's strange to say "have a great weekend", but do anyway. A nice, long weekend! Enjoy!


Lisa said...

Don't know if you read the Politician, but it was interesting to read about all of the things that happened right here in the area.

Pink in a sea of blue said...

No, I need to read it though. My husband's coworker's son is on the same baseball team as John Edwards' son. He says both parents are at every game minus the drama and the media so, at least, that's encouraging to hear.