Friday, April 30, 2010

Five on Friday

Ok here goes:
Would you rather.....
1- Go to Paris or go to New York City?
2- Had your children earlier or later?
3- Go to bed late or get up early?
4- Go on a 2 week multi-city European vacation or lounge in the Carribean for 2 weeks?
5- Shop for yourself or your children?

My answers:
1- Been to both places, but think I'm itching to return to France. Both are so full of life and not a moment of dullness is to be had.
2- Hmmm. Can I be wishy-washy on my own question? At the time, I wanted them earlier, but it took a while. Now I look back on the vacations we took pre-kids and think it happened when it was supposed to happen. I was 30 and 34. What about you?
3- Go to bed late, but I still wake up early! Ugh...
4- 2 week Euro for sure. Done the beachy thing. I'm actually researching and planning a trip this year to commemorate my 40th and our 15th anniversary- but, most likely, will be Cannes/Nice, France and Rome. Can't leave the babies with the grandparents forever!
5- TOUGHEST one of all because I can shop like it's nobody's business. I spread it around, but, since I'm the only girl around here, I think I'm entitled to look after myself when it comes to shopping. Is that bad?

Enjoy your weekend. It's just me and the minis this weekend (golf trip for Mr. Pink). We have a make-up snow day tomorrow (SATURDAY) plus baseball and soccer. Busy, busy.

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AEOT said...

1. NYC. I've actually been to neither (yet) but am lusting after NYC like nobody's business. Paris is way late in my Euro adventures. London, Austria, Switzerland, Almalfi Coast, etc are much higher.

2. I'm 32 and having my first, so I guess I'll say later.

3. Early girly for sure!!! I do not like to stay up late, ever.

4. Euro trip. We had SO much fun in Spain for two weeks on our honeymoon last May and I'd do it again in a heartbeat. I think I'd get bored with 2 weeks in the carribean- 1 week would be plenty for me.

5. Ummmmmmm....well, I don't know yet. But I'm sure a little of both. Though i also know that for awhile, I'll want to do nothing more than shop for the baby b/c it'll be new and fun.