Thursday, April 15, 2010

Confessions of a (Slacker) Desperate Housewife...

20 minutes ago the telephone rings while I'm outside and minis are in various states of play with neighbor minis.

MRS. PINK?? This is Dr. Dentist office.

Me: Oh no! I forgot!!!! (said while almost wetting my pants in fear)

Dentist office: Ah, yea. (snottily)

Me: I am so sorry (realizing I missed the minis' cleaning appointments!). It totally skipped my mind today.Can I at least bring one in today?

Dentist office: Ummmm, nooo (trying to hide her contempt for the likes of a slacker mommy). There's not enough time. You'll need to reschedule.

Me: (with tail between my legs) Of course, whenever... I'm sooo sorry. I've never forgotten an appointment EVER!!! (this is true!)

Dentist office: (laughing fakely like she isn't buying it). April 29th at 3:30. Can you make that?

Me: Sure. Thanks.

Dentist office: No problem. (smirking as she rushes to apply 2 broken appointment fees to my account) Goodbye.

Me: (deflated) bye, now.

Then I immediately went to FB my friend/neighbor (the hygienist) to see if she'd help a sista out and make sure that receptionist with the Napoleon complex never found our records! I may be (somewhat) slack and sometimes desperate, but I recover quickly when necessary.


Just Ask Beth said...

1st time a slppage.. next time $25 re schedule fee! LOL

Anonymous said...
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The Mrs. said...

Hate that. PS my dentist charges if you miss!