Thursday, April 22, 2010

Breaking news... just rode his mini (and I do mean mini!) bicycle without training wheels all by himself!! I was squealing with joy and then I ran inside for the video camera like any good mother would do. It seems he just needed to practice on his own for a little while. When Mr. Pink and I have tried to teach him, he would immediately put those feet down on the pavement when we let go. Ahhh. Two kids can now ride their bikes.

...I just helped myself to two slices of mini#1's Birthday cake to celebrate the bike accomplishment. Or because I'm PMSing big time. Now I feel sick. is on a first name basis with the postwoman as of today. He already knew her name and today she finally asked his since he's been meeting her at the mailbox consistently for weeks now. It made him so happy!

...Ok, I swear, this just happened. Mini#2 is at my side wanting me to go watch him ride his bike some more and he pointed out that "you have a little bit of chocolate on your mouth." (um, told you I just ate cake). He then proceeded to lick his finger and wipe the chocolate off of my face. Now where did he learn that? I laughed so hard. I promise I usually use a wipe or wet paper towel when washing my kids' faces. But he must remember the other times.

Ok, back to watching the bike riding. Sorry this breaking news is simply NEWS to this stay-at-home mommy...and not earth shattering. Enjoy your beautiful spring day.


WSU Laura said...

It is very earth-shattering, all those moments that you remember as your kids grow up. Did you get pictures?

Anonymous said...

That is huge news! My little man recently started riding his bike without training wheels, it was so exciting! I think he feels a new sense of freedom.