Monday, November 23, 2009

Yes, I did.

Yes, I was a part of the record-breaking crowds that saw this movie this weekend. I went with 4 thirty-somethings last night and we loved it. Even saw my hairdresser. And see, now everyone is jumping on my Team Jacob bandwagon. I'm always a sucker for the underdog (pun inteneded in this case!). Still I shouldn't be drooling over a 17-yr old, but my, my the boy works out! So, did you see it? What did you think? I liked it better than the first one, but am really looking forward to Eclipse- my favorite book of the 4. And, if you haven't read the books, you just can't get the full effect by seeing the movie can you? Ok, Edward, I still love you, too.

I'm all over the place in this post and real life. Since I'm hosting my father-in-law and his wife for Thanksgiving, I've already been to 2 grocery stores today, just pulled cupcakes out of the oven for mini#2's "feast" tomorrow and I've got to rush out to the gym to squeeze in a workout before I have to pick up mini#2 from preschool at 12:15. Then at 1:15 I have to be at mini#1's school for a writing celebration and fall party. Whew and mini#1 is out of school after Wednesday until Jan. 4!!!! Track out for Christmas break. I'm putting him to work. He gets to help me decorate the house next week. He'll enjoy it.

Ok, I'm off. Have a great day!


Headbands and Hand Bags said...

Hang in there, you are keeping the road hot missy! I too helped the box office madness this weekend, so worth it!

mFw said...

Out of school til Jan! O my word!

Lisa said...

Eclipse was my favorite book too. It also was my three girl's favorite in the series too. Of course my two college girls both saw New Moon at midnight the day it opened, but me and my 12 year old haven't seen it yet. We all are going tomorrow night after everyone gets home from college (State and Carolina). The older girls can't wait to see it again.

I miss the days of Thanksgiving feasts at school. Sadly we are past those days. We never did do the year round calendar. I am not sure I could handle someone home now until Christmas.

Are you going to the game on Saturday?

Pink in a sea of blue said...

Lisa- You're actually paying for a child to go to Carolina??? Kidding! No, looks like my husband is taking one of our sons to the game instead of me. I can't find a sitter on Thanksgiving weekend, plus I don't really want to see them beat us. Ha!

Tippy said...

I saw it last Friday too. And then on Thanksgiving night I dragged hubby to it (OMG, that man loves me!). I am FIRMLY Team Edward, but at one point I leaned over to my friend and whispered, "Maybe she does belong with Jacob."

Can't wait for Eclipse. It was also my favorite book.

Hope all is well and you had a nice Thanksgiving!!