Friday, November 6, 2009

Five on Friday!

It's been a mundane week, but that's ok. This Friday I'll just tell you five things I've done. Unoriginal, but I've got nothing right now. I promise to get back into things next week.

1- I was the mystery reader in mini#2's preschool class yesterday. He got to select the book so it was: Curious George and the Birthday Surprise. Those kids are so stinkin' cute and well-behaved. They asked questions and then gave me their special "silent thank you" which was "thank you" using sign language. It was fun. Mini#2 made sure he got to sit right beside his mom.

2- Mini#2 and I just ate lunch with mini#1 and his 3rd grade class. Afterwards we accompanied mini#1 to his playground where mini#2 was chased around by no less than 12 3rd graders. He said he was "worn'd out" as we were walking back to our car.

3- I received my Christmas cards in the mail and have already started addressing them during The Real Housewives of OC last night. Earliest. I. Have. Ever. Done. This. And I'm so glad to get a jump start this year. I decided not to have the usual stressful, sweating, crying photo session and just use some photos from throughout the year.

4- I started Christmas shopping and started to panic a bit because I'm really starting to have a difficult time finding things for mini#1. Mini#2 is so easy this year!

5- I bought an $18 bottle of saffron threads today and plan to make a butternut squash risotto (Ina Garten) tonight. My friend told me about the recipe. Doesn't it sound yummy and fall-y?

...and one more because mini#2 is asking me if we can go dig now. I'm planting the rest of my pansies this afternoon. I love these hearty cold weather flowers.

Have a great weekend! It's a baby shower for me tomorrow and Mr. Pink and the minis are off to see NC STATE play, and, Lord help us, win!


Jillian, Inc said...

I actually have my cards printed, too...but still have the dreaded family photos session next Saturday. Seriously, it gets more stressful (and hated by the kids) every year. I tried scheduling it in nov. instead of late oct. because taking a "christmas" photo in 80 degree humidity was not fun. ha! And how about those OC wives. Gonna be a good season.

Preppy Mama said...

Mmmm, share that recipe please!!!

Henley on the Horn said...

I love your blog! Do you live in Raleigh? We just moved from there & I grew up in Raleigh! Poor Pack. they've had a rough few years!

Headbands and Hand Bags said...

Way to go on #3!! I should get t started as well! #5, can I come over?? Just kidding, but oh that sounds amazing! Have a great weekend!!