Sunday, November 8, 2009

My name is pink and I'm addicted.

Remember my obsession with the Diamond brand Wasabi and Soy Sauce almonds? Move over, I have a new love. These gourmet brown rice crisps (chips) in Sea Salt flavor are to die for. Honestly. I went through two bags last week and I even found them at Wal-Mart! I'm even happier because when I went to look for a picture for the blog, the website had a $1 coupon. So go here, get your coupon and get to Wal-mart. You won't be sorry. These are yummy and don't let the "brown rice" part scare you if this isn't your thing. They are good and good for you! I wouldn't steer you wrong. Tell me if you try them!


The Mrs. said...

Yum! You know I thought about calling Raleigh! But we flew in late fri and left early sunday! There was just no time at all. But, now hubby wants to move there!!!

Freck said...

Looks yummy!! I'll have to try these!

Loving life in Southern California! said...

Oooo! I'll have to try them! Looks delic! Cute blog - I love the name! Following you :)