Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Imagine my surprise...

Do you know who this is???

What about him here, much younger, on the far right???

Yes, it's Jerry Mathers a.k.a. the Beaver from "Leave it to Beaver". He was on a float in the Raleigh Christmas Parade last Saturday! Imagine my surprise seeing him on a float after I'd seen the umpteenth marching band stroll along playing Christmas music in NC on November 21 (I have a thing about listening to Christmas music before it's December. I think I'm the only one that has this "thing" though). Mr. Pink and I were all giddy with excitement. Apparently he's going to be in a Cinderella-ish production in Raleigh sometime soon. I was too surprised to figure out what the float was for and I'm just too busy to research it for this posting! Anyway, mini#1 (8) was wondering why his parents were freaking out a bit. So I had to explain it to him in his language. "You know. It's like if you were an adult and you brought your kids to a Christmas parade (in November before turkey day!!!) and saw Miley Cyrus (or Jonas Bros or Zack & Cody)all grown up on a float. You'd be excited and tell YOUR kids that you used to watch her (them) on TV when you were younger. She'd look older, but you'd also be older and it would be fun to see someone that reminds you of childhood." He smiled as understanding passed across his face. And to think I sometimes doubt my parenting abilities! Well let's just hope he never sees an episode of "Leave it to Beaver." I don't think June Cleaver ever once lost her cool with the Beaver...or Wally...or Ward. What the heck was her secret? Good writers I guess and cocktails after taping I'm sure!

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Lisa said...

We used to take the girls to see Cinderella every year before they out grew it.

I bet Beaver is going to be either the step mother or one of the step sisters. Men play these parts and it makes it really funny. They have great costumes and they do a great job. It is a great Raleigh Christmas tradition.

I've never seen the Christmas parade. How cool the Beaver was on a float!