Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Where the magic happens....My Kitchen

One Fabulous Mom shared her kitchen yesterday and asked us to share ours. So I'll post photos of mine, but I need to explain. Our kitchen is in the center of our downstairs and then the eating area is in another room just to the side of it. Kind of strange, but we really like the separate rooms. However, the minis eat breakfast every morning at bar stools (not pictured).

Like all the crap on the side of my refrigerator? I need a bulletin board. Notice the nice butterfly masterpiece by mini#2 that I had to display on the side of our cabinets!
This is Mr. Pink's coffee station and our stove. I do have a little picture of mini#1 taken by his 1st grade teacher on the first day of 1st grade (2 yrs ago)in a handmade rocket frame that rests on the stove. I enjoy looking at it as I cook. The picture below is of my FAVORITE little lamp I've had in various places over the years. I love anything with a harlequin print.
The following 2 pics are in our "eating area" room. This Bombay chest used to be my mother-in-law's. It was one of her favorite pieces so we're happy to enjoy it in our home now. That plant is one of those you can't kill if you tried (can't remember the name). I have had it since 1990!!!

And that's it. Show me your kitchen!


Pink Martini said...

So pretty and cozy. Everything a kitchen should be. And so clean with all your men. How do you do it?? ;)

Jillian, Inc said...

Love it - and love hearing about your "sitty around things" on the counters as my 3yo calls them. That little lamp is adorable. If you ever want to knock off the plant that never dies, send it to me. I'll bet I could kill it in a week. I can't even keep cactus alive, and that is no lie.

The Mrs. said...

I like the dark in your place! Mine looked like a tomb! Yours looks modern and fabu!