Monday, September 14, 2009

Manic Monday and other ramblings...

Fun weekend filled with Wolfpack football (Mr. Pink and mini#1), soccer (mini Beckham scored 3 goals!), and the lake where we didn't have success pulling either kid up on skis. Oh well. We tried. Mr. Pink was happy. He trick skied and was doing his college tricks of 360's and jumping. Impressed the kids and me, too 'cause he is 43!

After the lake I snuck out to the mall to go to the Disney Store to buy fun items for the minis. I'm making them (surprise) travel bags for our 8-9 hour drive to Orlando on Saturday. Yes, our first trip to House of Mouse is this weekend. I found some cute Mickey t-shirts, travel cups, sunglasses, etc. and have already bought some new dvds and dollar store items to keep them occupied/excited.

Today I made flu shot appts, ironed clothes forever, dropped off dry cleaning, stopped the mail for our trip, cleaned house and paid bills. Crazy Monday. I also called to get dining reservations at Disney because I gave up on the website a few weeks ago. I have a place for us to eat every dinner so I'm happy. I cancelled a couple of the reservations I had made because they didn't fall under the "meal plan" we have, but kept the Rain Forest Cafe' for lunch one day at Animal Kingdom. Heard it was fun. I just feel unprepared, like for a test or something. This Disney business is stressful if you haven't done it all before. Or if the responsibility is all on your shoulders to ensure loads of fun every minute of the day. So what can we not MISS for you experienced Disney travelers? Maybe I can squeeze it in.

Ok, back to work. Did I mention that mini#1 is having his first friend sleepover tomorrow as well? What was I thinking? We're tracked out of school FYI. It's not a school night for us. I hope I can keep them under control and in bed at a decent time because we're all out of here at 8:55 to get him home and mini#2 off to pre-school. Wish us luck!


Kristen said...

wow sounds exciting to have a sleepover! Good luck with that! Disney World will be amazing, I'm hoping to take our kids next summer. We have a Rainforest Cafe here in KS, lots of fun, you'll be glad you went!

Belle said...

Good luck! Sounds like a great trip!

Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Stocking up on disney toys before you go is a good idea, I hear they are crazy expensive at the park. We are planning our first trip there as well, it's so overwhelming!

Timi said...

Bring a roll of quarters and pennies for the penny machines. Fun to find them and an inexpensive souvenir. Have a wonderful time!