Thursday, April 16, 2009


It's been a busy week around here. School volunteering, school conference, church, cub scouts, play group, dental appointment, blah, blah, blah...Here are some updates.

1- Mini#2 had a cavity and we had to go get it filled today. I was in shock when they told me last week. Neither child has had a cavity! Anyway, I guess it was a very early one so they didn't even have to numb his mouth this morning. He sat there like a model patient in green star-shaped Hollywood sunglasses and it was fixed in less than 10 mins. No tears. And gooey slime ball egg from the treasure chest.

2- After the dentist, mini#2 and I went to the mall so I could attempt to find my favorite Clinique eyeliner. Well it's discontinued now. WTH?? I got their new "similar" eyeliner. I'm bummed. We'll see if I like it.

3- Mini#2 had dad's day (or doughnuts with dad) at preschool yesterday. Mr. Pink said he was very quiet. MY CHILD? Hard to believe. Mr. Pink came home wearing his decorated construction paper tie mini#2 made for him. Very cute. Mini#2 was proud to tell me that this week they're reading "Zack and the Beanstalk".

4- Webkinz are driving me crazy. Mini#2 got another one (his 2nd) from the Easter bunny and now he wants one wherever we go. STOP asking already!! Geez. Today at the mall he thought he was going to get one and I said they don't have them at the mall. Well his-little-smartness recognized the Webkinz logo on a sign in a music store window and SCREAMED "They have them!" No, he didn't get another one. Mini#1 got all of his taken away yesterday for back talk. At least I found a punishment that works and causes temporary suffering!

5- It's cold here today. AGAIN. Please warm up soon. I need warm weather. At least we have sun. I'll take that.

6- I got home from the mall at 11:00 today. Didn't particularly like mini#2 saying "I HATE SHOPPING!" every other sentence. It's a good thing I came home when I did. I checked my voice mail and mini#1 had called reminding me that today was an early release day and did I forget because I packed his lunch? Holy #@$% . Um, yes I forgot. I could also sense the nervousness in his voice as he was asking if I forgot! But I was home before he got there. The big yellow bus brought him home at 11:20. Whew! Sometimes I barely get this parent thing!

7- Now I'm going to watch John Mayer performing with Chris Botti on the Tonight Show. I dvr'd it last night. I will be ironing as I watch and not eating bon-bons as you may suspect. Wait. There is still some of that Easter candy I hid...

Are you bored yet with this post?!


Mom x 2 said...
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Mom x 2 said...

I'm never bored with your posts! I like to hear what other moms are up to.

Had to delete my first comment for multiple typos!

Poor mini #2 with the dentist. My oldest freaks out even for just a cleaning... which is coming up in May. I'm already dreading it.

I hate early release days! Yesterday mini #1 had an early release day at 2pm. What is the point of getting out only 1.5 hours early? Just to screw with parents, I suspect.

Pink Martini said...

The dislike of shopping - it's genetic. Now we only go to the mall as a family to PF Chang's but my big boys still vocalize the utterances of your mini. I also get the, "I hate the smell of malls". Smells like shopping and fun to me. :) Cute post.

Belle said...

"Zack and the Beanstalk" it. That is too cute. I get soooo aggravated when something I love gets discontinued. And it happens a lot. I must be the weird woman who likes the odd stuff nobody else wants. I love that your hunny wore the paper tie home. sweet.
You are never boring. I enjoy reading your posts. Makes my day!