Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Go Green!

Happy Earth Day! I did my part. I've just been volunteering with mini#1's school's Earth Day festivities. Thank goodness mini#2's preschool drop-off time made me miss most of the compost making activity complete with worms, ants, etc...mixed in with soil, coffee grounds, peelings, etc. Mrs. Pink just doesn't do bugs if she doesn't have to...or even if she does. Ha! I was much more comfortable leading his class in the decorating of recycled material grocery bags. They drew on construction paper all that they had learned about recycling, going green, etc. and glued their masterpieces onto these brown bags that will be turned back into our neighborhood's Harris Teeter for distribution to customers. They were very cute. Ok, off to pick up mini#2 at preschool. Enjoy this beautiful Earth Day!


Beth Dunn said...

It's pouring rain here. But I'm happy for the Earth--just not my hair. xoxo

Belle said...

What a great day! I'm soooooo glad you got to miss out on the composting. yuck. I'm not THAT green. Maybe someday, though...

Have a great day!