Friday, April 17, 2009

On her way...

So unless you've been under a rock this week, you know about this British singing sensation, Susan Boyle. She's been all over the web this week after making an appearance on the UK's version of American Idol. I first saw her singing clip on Perez Hilton's site, which I just discovered this week. Gives you Hollywood gossip, like I need any more, but I digress. Yesterday I caught Diane Sawyer interviewing this 47-year old in a painfully uncomfortable interview. Susan said "no comment" when Diane asked her "is it true you've never been kissed?" Ouch! I feel sorry for this socially awkward, unmarried woman who even has a cat to complete the stereotypical mold of a spinster. Diane also asked her if she thought they would make her over as the competition progresses as they do on American Idol. Susan didn't really comment. She just giggled nervously. Diane said something like, "you may be blonde and in black leather very soon." It got me thinking. And this is what I concluded. This woman needs some good old American help. After all. That's what we like to do isn't it? I suggest the following:
Patti Stranger of Bravo's, The Millionaire Matchmaker, needs to take Ms. Boyle under her wing and give her some confidence, set her up with a life coach and then set her up ON A DATE!

Next, or really before Patti, I just know Clinton and Stacy of TLC's What Not To Wear could work their magic on Ms. Boyle. And what's the hair guy's name on this show? He could take the grey away and give her a sassy new hairstyle. I don't mean to be harsh, but this woman is 47??!! She looks quite a bit older doesn't she? You know Clinton (my favorite) and Stacy would have her dressing so much younger. When they're done with her she may already be on her way to having that much needed confidence to succeed in her desired singing career. What do you think? She'd be the "total package"! Good luck Susan. Come on over to America. We'll show you some love!


Mom x 2 said...

I just love the whole story! And how stoic she was (British, after all) after she got such high marks from the judges. Well done!

I think Dominic is the hair guy on WNTW. I LOVE Clinton. They would probably do a fantastic job with her. I just hope that the show she's on doesn't try to tart her up. I couldn't believe when she said she was 47. Unreal.

Belle said...

I love this woman. It does p*** me off about how surprised people were that she was that good. Like if you're unattractive you couldn't possibly be a good singer. ugh. I couldn't bare to watch her interviewed by The Today Show this morning. I knew it would be a train wreck with Matt "I'm too Sexy for myself" Lauer and Meredith "I have no tact" Vieira. I would, however, love for Clinton and Stacey and the "how to look younger" people to get ahold of her so she could tell everyone to back the h*** off. ha.
Great post!

The Mrs. said...

I love her to death!!!! Such an amazing voice. Needs an eyebrow wax for sure though! LOL!