Friday, November 14, 2008

Friday Gift Suggestion

One of the best gifts Santa brought to our house last year was this book for mini#1.
If you have not heard of these they are called My Adventure Books and are available here . What makes these books so unique is that you order them to be personalized with your child's name. You also supply your child's address, birthdate and friends' names to be scattered throughout the book. Mini#1 was AMAZED when he saw this book. He loved it and still does. I plan to order one for mini#2 this year. They are only $16.99. You can also order different books like Disney Princesses or Cars, etc. if you don't want the Christmas book. However, the Christmas book does a nice job explaining Christmas customs in other countries as Santa takes your child in his sleigh to help deliver presents. Check it out. Makes a great Santa gift!

Happy Friday! Have a nice weekend. All of us will be attending the NC State vs Wake Forest football game on Saturday afternoon. GO PACK!


Mom x 2 said...

Oh my gosh, thanks for posting this! I just ordered it for my oldest. What a great gift idea. I think I will have Santa leave this under the tree while we're out to dinner on Christmas Eve so he has something to unwrap that night.

I voted for dressing. It is absolutely my favorite thing at Thanksgiving!! The only sad thing is since my grandmother passed away, no one makes the delicious oyster dressing she always made.

Feener said...

if you like personalized books you NEED to check out - i love their books, they spell out the child's full name and have the most beautiful illustrations.

i have a FREE shipping code that ANYone can use FSD13665

Pink in a sea of blue said...

Thanks Feener! Will check them out.