Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Try it.

I'm back from Charlotte. It was a fun weekend. My mom is recovering nicely. I didn't have to help out as much as I anticipated. It turned out to be more of a visit. She wanted some cookies so I baked my famous chocolate chip cookies. Ok, so it's Nestle's famous recipe, but I made them. The secret- use MILK chocolate chips and salted butter. Other than the cookies we went out to dinner Friday, light shopping Saturday and to church on Sunday. The boys went to visit my mother-in-law. Please keep her in your prayers/thoughts. This round of chemo is really taking its toll on her. Hopefully, she'll finish this preventative chemo at the end of December.

Now here's one of those bloggy fun quizzes. I have an interesting name. So interesting it's difficult to pronounce! Try your name.

Your Noble British Name Is:

Lady Egidia Georgiana Portal

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Mom x 2 said...

Ha! I'm Lady Elizabeth Winifred Hannyngton. Nice!