Wednesday, September 3, 2008

We made it!

Mini#2 is officially a little duck in preschool! He had the best time today. He happily put on his new shoes and was ready to go before I was this morning. He wanted to carry the requested "tote" bag all by himself into his classroom. No tears for either of us, but I felt myself headed that way until I saw a friend so I was able to get it under control.
What did I do for three glorious hours? I got my highlights touched up at a normal appointment time (usually Mr. Pink watches them and I go in the evening) and then I had just enough time to squeeze in a Target visit before picking up the little monster, I mean "duck". I carried him back to the car because I needed to feel my "baby" in my arms. He was bursting with pride about his first day. He was especially thrilled that "they had nilla wafers and nanas just like we do!" What I couldn't pry out of him, in the form of information, was graciously supplied by his teacher. Everyday I will receive a "Note from the duck pond" email detailing that day's activities. Everything is so organized at this preschool. Just what this family needs for sure! I hope everyone else is settling into the freedom that back-to-school brings! We deserve this break!


Mom x 2 said...

HUGE congrats to you and the little guy! The days are flying by for me. Mini #1 started school yesterday and I drop him off at 9am and I swear it's 3:20 before I know it! Mini #2 starts preschool next week - eeks!

I'm SO envious that you were able to go for a hair appointment!

Belle in Bloom said...

Congratulations Little Duck!! Too sweet.
You did better than me. I still cried this year. BUT, I did the same thing. I went to get my hair done! ha. The school really sounds amazing. I hope he has a great year!!