Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I'm still here, but not for long!

No time to blog last few days. It is a sick house around here. Mr. Pink worked from home today because his aggravating cough was annoying coworkers yesterday at the office! His words not mine! He's got this sinus drainage junk going on. Mini #1 is "tracked out" as we say in year round school for three weeks. He developed an ear infection yesterday from his lingering cold and mini#2 is finally finished with a cold. Me, I've been sequestering myself in our guest room at night, the last four nights to be exact. There is no way I want to catch any of the germiness floating around this house. You see, I'm off to New York city this weekend where I'm meeting my good friend from Atlanta. Since becoming a stay at home mom I live for any type of temporary escape, I mean mini-break and I don't want any kind of sickness to slow me down. I have shopping, museums, restaurants and fun in the very near future. So pass me some more Clorox wipes and say a prayer that Mrs. Pink stays well a while longer!


Belle in Bloom said...

Wear gloves and a mask. You can NOT miss this trip! ha. I hope the pink house feels better soon!
Have a great time this weekend!!

The Mrs. said...

I am hoping you don't get it!!! So hard when everyones germiness is surrounding you!

Pink Flamingo said...

You poor thing...hang in there...I swear I should own stock in Clorox with how many wipes we go through in our house this time of your. I hope that you don't get it...especially with your upcoming trip this weekend! Here's to staying healthy!