Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Is this day over yet?

It's 10:18 p.m. and:

1- Mr. Pink is still at work!
2- The kids drove me crazy today.I'm counting the days until school starts again Monday for#1.
3- I almost forgot to take advantage of free shipping (through today!) with Land's End, but just successfully ordered the minis matching down vests in spice brown.
4- SHOCKER....Kidding.... I just learned that Clay Aiken is gay. That's about as non-newsworthy as when Star Jones FINALLY admitted to gastric bypass a year or two after the fact. Clay, I still like you because you're from NC.
5- I'm losing my tan.
6- I'm losing my mind.
7- I need a glass of wine, but it's already 10:24.
8- People are coming out of the wood works to "friend" me on Facebook.
9- I made a new recipe for dinner and the minis were underwhelmed...as usual.
10- I think I'll go have that glass of wine anyway!



Feener said...

i enjoyed this list ....

Belle in Bloom said...

OH MY GOSH! You and I had about the same day. EEEEEKKKK!!! I'm afraid my whole week looks grim.

Anonymous said...

Funny post! Thanks for the laugh :)

The Mrs. said...

Oh I have had those days...that's why I have coined the phrase "wine thirty" as my time to have wine!