Thursday, September 11, 2008

"Man Cold"

Mr. Pink is finally at the doctor's office as I type. This morning, about 6 days after this illness started, he proclaimed to me "I feel even worse today" in that pathetic tone of voice he has perfected over the years. Ok, people it's been six days. My response? "Well GO TO THE DOCTOR!" I think my abruptness also stems from the fact that I'm still holed up in the guest room. Don't get me wrong. I was sympathetic for at least the first day and a half. Wink. Wink.

This brings me to my point of this post. Mini#2 and I went to play group today and a mom asked me where #1 was since she knew he is "tracked out" of school. I told her that he was home with Mr. Pink who is sick, but working from home. She brought up that when her husband was last sick after catching something from their kids, his illness was definitely "worse" than all of the others. Another mom jumped in and said "At our house we call it the MAN COLD" because, amazingly, her husband always seems to be sicker than the rest of her family. I then shared my own opinions and agreed that my husband can join their husbands in the "I will always be sicker than the rest of my family" club. I mean opening a bottle of Tylenol seems to take epic proportions of strength for Mr. Pink when he is sick. When I think about it, I remember my dad being the same way when I was growing up. What is this all about? Do men need to be babied like their mothers did when they were younger? Are they trying to prove some kind of point? Where does all the macho "king of the castle" persona go once the sniffles start? I'd sure like to know. Until I figure it out, please let the doctor prescribe some good drugs so we can get back to normal around here!

**Friday Update: Mr. Pink threw up last night "violently" he said. Now I feel bad about this post. It only happened the one time. It may be the medicine. Today he feels better though and the cough is much better, too.


Mom x 2 said...

Ha! My husband never gets sick. I mean ever. So when I get sick he never has any sympathy for me. And I like the sympathy. I think I have the man cold syndrome!

Have fun on your trip to NYC!

Belle in Bloom said...

I'm not sure why, but when my husband is sick...I get really mad at him. It's crazy, right? I'm like, be a man and take some advil already! OR, I'm not your mother. Actually, I think it stems from me, being pregnant with gestational diabetes, bronchitis, had a 2yr old, 9 months of "morning/all day sickness", large baby caused two hernias, emergency c-section, all at the same time, worked full time through it all. I'll tell him, "When you've gone through all that, then come talk to me."
God help my boys when they're married. I hope I'm not jinxing them to get zero sympathy from their wives when they're sick. Now this is the bad part. When I'm sick, my husband treats me like a queen. Waits on me hand and foot and I don't have to lift a finger. He's so sweet. But it still makes me mad when he gets sick. ;)

Belle in Bloom said...

BTW, have a great time on your trip! I'm so excited for you!!

Pink in a sea of blue said...

Mom- don't become one of the men! Ha!

Belle- I hear you. I get mad, too and I throw pregnancy guilt in there, too when the complaints get to be too much. Although, you sound like you had it a lot worse than me!!

cancersucks said...

Don't get me started...when I was throwing up day and night from chemo my hubby would be like, "my stomach hurts, too". Until you are driving around with a beach bucket or tupperware as your throw up bucket step back mister. Same thing if I get strep throat. "my throat hurts, too.