Tuesday, January 17, 2012

What do you think??

Busy, busy now that we're back to school. Homework, basketball, indoor soccer, cub scouts and I ONLY have 2 kids.

I need readers' opinions. Mini#1 has been invited to one of his best friend's birthday sleepover. The friend is a twin. My son never plays with the twin. Should we buy a gift for both boys or just the twin? I'm inclined to say both, but REALLY? I don't even know what he likes. I'll probably get both a Target gift card. Just wondering what you think. Comment anonymously if you've never commented.

And another "what do you think?" The Bachelor. Are these girls horrible or what? I don't see any that I like right now. I kind of like the girl from Chapel Hill, NC (Golden Gate Bridge Date), but the model one?? She is MEAN. The Charlotte girl, Blakeley, is definitely a tosser. The whole Shawntel reappearance was over hyped. Luckily Ben made the decision not to allow her to stay.
I really don't know why I still watch this show. I could be watching more quality programming such as Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (which I have to DVR!). Hahaha.


Lisa said...

We are busy too. My youngest is playing in door with her school team. I did not know when I signed her up that all of the games would be at 9:30 on school nights! That is what happens when they get to be in high school!

I would buy both boys a gift. I do not think they need to be equivalent though.

The Bachelor has gone downhill, but I of course still watch it. I do like the girl from CH and the girl from Tennessee (I think). That "model" really needs to have her hair pulled or something.

#1's birthday cake came from Whole Foods on Six Forks and it was wonderful!!!

Kristen said...

tough but I'd probably buy 2 gifts, I agree with Lisa, they don't have to be equivalent! Just something though incase the other twin doesn't have many friends, or incase all of the kids get both twins a gift.... just cover your bases!