Wednesday, January 11, 2012


A few thoughts.

1- Celine Dion's twin boys are so precious. Saw them on GMA. Sooo cute.

2- $1.3 million spent by Beyonce' and Jay-Z to have a baby "their way." Think of how that money could have better been spent in a neonatal intensive care hospital.

3- Last night I watched 10 mins (all I could stand) on a show about cheapskates. He separated 2-ply toilet paper, reused paper towels, dumpster dived for wilted roses and a discarded tea kettle for his wife on their 25th anniversary and asked someone for their leftovers at a restaurant. GROSS. 25 years married and she seemed "normal." Now that's love. No thank you!

4- This morning I realized (with the help of mini#2's wailing!) that I turned in his school library book at the public library yesterday. Gee whiz.

5- Cold-warm-cold-warm-cold-warm. What is up with the weather? It is crazy around the south.

Have a great Wednesday. I'm off to pilates!

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