Sunday, January 8, 2012


Yesterday started bright and early for mini#2's first indoor soccer game at 8:00. It was great. Loved seeing his team all over that ball. It's the first time they've had goalies, referees and no out of bounds! Definitely different from spring/fall soccer he's played thus far, but, luckily, it's with all of his regular teammates (buddies!) and coach. Poor mini#2 did pick up the ball when he was goalie when it was just outside the line. He'll learn. He thought being goalie was boring. I told him it's because all the action was at the other goal! His team won 9-1.

After basketball the boys went to a cub scout science activity from 11-3 so I met a friend for a yummy lunch and then to see "My Week With Marilyn." I really enjoyed it. Michelle Williams keeps proving she's a talented actress. She really pulled Marilyn off. You really felt Marilyn's insecurity despite being viewed as that time's #1 sex symbol....and heartbreaker as this story goes.

Today I'm off to Dick's Sporting Goods so mini#2 can spend some giftcards and then we're all going to see NC State play Maryland in basketball. Looks like it's a pizza/hot dog dinner since it starts at 6! Ugh!

It's been a great weekend here. 70's yesterday. 60's today. Not a snowflake in sight! Hope you've enjoyed your weekend!

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