Friday, August 26, 2011

Five on Friday

Who am I you ask? The person who previously used to write on this blog. Seriously, been a little preoccupied. But here's a little of my day today.

1- Minis had yearbook pictures today. Is it just me or do you hate deciding on which package to purchase? And is it too much to ask for a "cheap" package containing 2 5x7's?

2- I was a couple minutes late to cardio muscle class this a.m., but it's Friday and I went. And the dead lifts killed my aging back, but, surprisingly, I ENJOYED the sprints we did. Who knew!

3- I went to Walmart after the gym. Wow! I kinda forgot that we have a hurricane coming, but everyone else didn't. It was packed. AND GET THIS- a lady backed into my car as I was leaving the parking lot. I had just stopped because someone was pulling out of a handicapped spot and BAM a lady backed right into me. It sounded horrible, but, thankfully, she hit the plastic bumper and it didn't leave a lot of damage. She gave me her insurance info and a man came to give me his name and a number as a "witness." Still deciding if needs to be fixed or not. So glad no body damage!

4- I picked the minis up from school early and we took mini#1 to the doctor for an ingrown toe nail. After much discussion (and pleading on my son's part), we will be medicating it and keeping it wrapped for 2 weeks so it can heal, grow and be left alone by mini#1! Good news, however. I asked and they received their flu shots while there!! Yay me!

5- It's 7:15 and mini#1's friend just arrived for a sleepover. He's been here 15 mins and the noise is already bothering me. It's going to be a long night. And I haven't even filled them with warm brownies, vanilla ice cream and hot fudge yet. Please Irene. Do not touch down here tomorrow. I did not have 3 boys for a reason and do not want to have this extra one all day tomorrow since soccer is already canceled.

Enjoy your weekend!!

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The Mrs. said...

I actually hat that pics and back to school night happen within three seconds of being back at school!