Friday, August 5, 2011

Five on Friday- My week.

1- My week started out with another lost tooth for mini#1. Long story short. He did not tell me he lost the tooth. He wanted to surprise me (by seeing if the tooth fairy would come), but the tooth fairy was too smart for that. She thought anyway. Mini#1 = 1, Tooth fairy = 0. After a very long night of cat and mouse, I told him the next morning that, as long as he believes, she will continue to come.

2- I volunteered in both minis classes this week for the first time. This morning, in first grade, as I sat assembling homework packets for their Monday folders, a kid boldly asked me: "Does Ms. Teacher know you're doing that??" I assured him she knew, but he made me feel like a whore in church (cannot come up with another analogy right now, but it works!). It was funny!

3- Went to the orthodontist with mini#1 yesterday and the doctor looked in mini#2's mouth and informed me that "Yep, I'm thinking we need to start seeing him after Christmas." Yay me. Two in orthodontia. I foresee a job in my near future.

4- Jersey Shore/ITALY started last night. Yes, I watched. It did not disappoint! The Situation and Snooki? Really?

5- I bought 4 shirts and 5 pairs of jean's today at Old Navy...9 items for $63 for average of $7 each after sale prices, tax-free weekend and a $15 off coupon I had when you spent $50. Not bad! Then off to Dick's Sporting Goods for soccer gear. All items were 25% off (our soccer league discount this weekend) and all tax-free! Maybe this should somehow be my new job. I am a store coupon queen, just not in the grocery stores. That doesn't excite me as much!

How was your week?

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Lisa said...

We probably crossed each other's paths today if you were at the Triangle Town Center area. We did the Ulta and DSW line up.... that is what you do when you have girls!

We went through something similar with Santa Claus. My two older ones were told to make sure they told us if they stopped believing because as soon as they did he would no longer come and we would have to buy them a present or two. That helped explain some of the stories their friends were telling them about their parents buying them everything.

Know what you mean about the orthodontist and money. My youngest has the equivalent of a nice car in her mouth right now. She also has two oral surgeries to look forward in the next two years. $$$ After seeing her orthodontist's spa like renovations she is talking about wanting to go to school to be one. Sounds good to me! Seeing that we will have payed for 5 sets of braces when she eventually gets hers off. Two of mine had to have two sets.