Sunday, July 24, 2011

Small town Saturday fun

We have not seen Mr. Pink's grandmother in a few months so had decided to go visit her yesterday- BEFORE realizing it was going to be another 100 degree day! However, it just so happened it was the day of their annual watermelon festival. This festival was started years ago by Mr. Pink's grandfather and his friend. It's a big deal in this sleepy little southeastern NC town! We got there in time for the parade. We found a nice shady spot in front of the church where Mr. Pink's mom and dad were married. Mr. Pink's grandmother, "Big Mom," to her numerous grand and great grandchildren (despite her petite build), braved the heat and sat outside with us to watch the parade. The kids had a ball once they realized these numerous float riding beauty queens threw CANDY! After the parade we ate lunch (roasted corn for me) by the river, had homemade ice cream and visited a few relatives at the festival before heading over to Big Mom's house to spend more time with her. Then we went to visit some friends at their Lake Waccamaw lake house for a pizzza dinner and an evening swim in the lake before returning home happy, full and tired! Here is our day in pictures.

Snow cones!

Our spot in the shade. Waving to the people in the parade.

Ready stance to catch more candy!

I love these tiny cars!

More shade by the pretty river. Mr. Pink said his mom used to swim here when she was little.

Eating a hot dog watching some kids wading in the river.

The church where Mr. Pink's parents were married.

I hope you stayed cool this weekend one way or another. We're going to the pool soon to attempt to stay cool on yet another SCORCHING day in the south!


Kristen said...

I love small town festivals! Sounds like a great visit! We've been experiencing some awful heat around here too, is it fall yet? lol

SKB said...

This heat is killer! Looks like ya'll had a fun weekend. I LOVE LOVE LOVE watermelon so what could be better than a watermelon festival? So cute!!!