Sunday, July 17, 2011

All is well in the Pink House.

All is well? Yes, because mini#1 was able to see this HIGHLY anticipated final installment of Harry Potter today. Yes, he and Mr. Pink were a part of the record breaking number of viewers this weekend. He loved it! He's on his 2nd reading of all of these books. He just finished book #5 yesterday. These characters are his friends at this point! Did you go see it? Lines were horrendous around here. Fortunately we bought tickets right after church for the 3:45 show and didn't run into this problem since a show had just started. Anyway, everyone is happy though I should have paid another $10 for mini#2 to go because all I heard was "can we go to Target?" all afternoon!

I went to a Birthday BBQ last night for the husband of a sorority sister last night. It was fun. Saw two girls I had not seen in YEARS! However, upon arriving home and asking our sitter how the minis were, she shyly said, "Fine, but I have a fat lip." The story was they had been tossing a large marble back and forth, but she told him let's stop so we don't get hurt. Mini#2 threw one more time when she had turned her head to talk to mini#1 and it hit her in the mouth! Then he was embarrassed, hid in his bathroom before mini#1 coaxed him out to finally say he was sorry! She applied ice. I was so embarrassed! Our first injury to a babysitter! Ugh! Boys! But both are snuggled in bed and off to school tomorrow. All in all, a great weekend!

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Kristen said...

I bought Harry Potter tickets about 5 days in advance and we were part of the crew that went to the midnight showing! It's a family tradition around here, my entire family (minus our kids) goes to every midnight showing.... it was great to finally see how it ends! I haven't read the books and all of this time have managed to never hear the end!