Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Last week Part 2

SO. What did I do with the munchin while the others were out in nature? I'll tell you.

- We went to the mall to get him the world's ugliest shoes he's been begging me for for no less than 3 months. I had hoped he'd forget about them. No way. Not this guy. However, I made him go to all the stores I wanted to go to first (and he had to behave) if he wanted those ugly shoes. It worked.

- We went on a date to Cheesecake Factory afterwards (he had grilled chicken and broccoli as opposed to the healthy option he choose in above photo!) and after dinner we shared the best piece of cheesecake ever. I think it's because he joined me on my booth seat and we cleaned that plate in about 5 mins tops smiling and laughing and ooohhhing and ahhhing together.

-I received hugs for days because of the ugly shoe purchase. Zig-techs by the way. Heard of them? Those hugs felt good! And he now runs faster or so he says.

- We went to the neighborhood pool.

- We went to the gym and then the gym's pool that has a "way cooler water slide" than our neighborhood's water slide. I rode it with him and threw a water football with him, too. And whatever happened to a simple diving board? These days the kids are spoiled by our lazy river pool and water slide pool.

- We went to "meet the teacher night" and then to see the Transformers movie. It was a customer event our insurance agent threw. Had I known the language was as it was, I wouldn't have taken him, but it was a very good 3D action film. I had a hard time scrubbing fruit punch out of his yellow Polo shirt though. He dripped it all down the front!

- We went for frozen yogurt.

- We went to eat Mexican food Friday night and then home for a movie night. Cat in the Hat. Not my choice. He loves that movie. I made popcorn and I may or may not have dozed off for a minute or two.

-We went for a bike ride and tried to see as many animals/insects as possible. We saw quite a few things: Bee, butterfly, bird, grasshopper, 2 wild turkeys....yes, not kidding. 2 wild turkeys that scared me, but they were equally scared and ran off into the woods upon our mutual sighting.

-We went back to the dang pool!

So, if you've read this entire'll also see that we also had adventures in nature and water and air conditioned theaters, stores and restaurants. Fun week for all was had!

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