Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A monster of a question.

This kid is really killing me. Like I think he has split personalities. One for his teacher (good) and one for his mother (not so good as of late). But I love him to death so I'll keep him a while longer. Last night in the car on the way home from dinner (Mr. Pink was out of town), out of the blue he asked "Is God bigger than monster trucks?" It was so off the wall and thought provoking at the same time. I said "That's a good question!" while laughing. A minute later he saw that the sun was setting and pointed the beauty of it out to his brother and me. His little mind was really working. I agreed "It is beautiful and I think God is really as big and beautiful as that sun." He agreed, but, of course, had to ask how tall God really was and where does he sleep. Like I said this kid is killing me! But wow, it makes you feel young again to hear the things your children say doesn't it?


Kristen said...

kids are amazing aren't they? The questions they come up with, they way their minds tick? It would be nice to be have such an open imagination again!

Kate said...

Mine is the same lately...when he is good, he is the most fabulous four year old lovey on earth...when he is in a bad mood...forget it! 6 days until nursery school starts!