Tuesday, August 3, 2010

How refreshing!

So who says watching reality TV doesn't pay off? I bought this Bethenny Frankel (RHNY)book for several reasons, but one being her recipes. More specifically, the skinny girl margarita recipe everyone seems to be talking about.

I finally tried it last weekend and it's very refreshing. Not as sugary/sour as a true margarita, but I really liked it. Here's the recipe for your sipping pleasure.

2 oz premium tequila
Juice from 4 lime wedges
Splash orange liquor (Triple Sec)
splash club soda (if desired- I used it)

Mix and pour over ice. Enjoy.

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Jillian, Inc said...

I really like her, too. Such a dry sense of humor and very, very witty. Have you tried the bottled skinny girl marg? Ummmm....not so good. Not al all. I may try the fesh-made and see how I like it.